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Queen City BirthWork was created as an inclusive space for all birthing people to find the guidance, support, and connection that is right for them. Hospital, home, or birth center, we support that. Medicated or unmedicated, we do that too. We are a group of down-to-earth and knowledgeable birthworkers that want to bring confidence and joyfulness to your experience.

Who we are 

Modern BirthWork

With Deep Roots

Queen City BirthWork was established in 2020. We were known first as Mama Bee Doula in 2012, then added to the team and became Mama Bee Doulas in 2014. After nearly a decade of supporting Colorado families, becoming Queen City BirthWork is a sign of our evolution into a collective of highly experienced, passionate birthworkers who provide top-notch support for our clients, and work to make a positive change in maternity care in our state. Where we stand today was not an effortless walk. Rather a climb, that required mucho perseverance


What We Do

BirthWork is just that...


Yes, we are doulas but, the work we do moves beyond the idea of what a doula is. We can be your sounding board, confidant, resource center, and comfort zone. Yes, we massage, hold space, and squeeze hips too! We are also trained to provide you with unbiased, evidence-based information while you navigate your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. 

We Capture Your Strength 

Birth Photos

Labor and birth photographs capture your birth story in ways where words are limited. It offers a third perspective and often helps fill in the spaces of your birth memory. Labors can be long and small details can easily be forgotten.


Our goal is to document the moments that are most important to you specifically. We often hear parents say they want their birth photographed but are concerned about modesty.  We understand and respect this fully! This is exactly why we discuss your photograph preferences prior to your birthing time.

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We Also Offer

Classes & Workshops

In addition to our fantastical doula and birth photo services, QCB is very proud to provide childbirth education, infant feeding, and infant massage classes/workshops.

 All of our small group sessions are provided on a sliding scale payment structure. 

We also offer private sessions that may be taught in your home or our office. 

The gem of our private courses is our newborn care workshop. It's hands-on instruction, in your home, with your newborn!   


"Jessi provided amazing support to my husband and I during my long and difficult labor. I honestly don’t think I would have had the same, positive outcome if she hadn’t been with us through the journey." 

-Christine 2020

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Have Questions about working with us?

We have answers! 

Visit our FAQ page to learn what to expect when you decide to utilize our services.

On the Blog


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