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Client Reviews



We cannot recommend Sessy & Queen City Birthwork enough. We know that having her as our doula made our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience much smoother and more joyful than it would have been otherwise. She was exactly what we needed in terms of support and encouragement at each step of the way. From helpful tips and incredible expertise to championing our decisions (and helping us work through them), Sessy was wonderful. She was such an important part of our team during our labor and delivery – she took magical photos of our experience while also serving as a source of strength for us both. Our only regret is not getting photos of all four of us together that day! Her guidance during our prenatal and postpartum visits was so helpful. From comfort measures to breastfeeding to navigating newborn contraptions, Sessy provided us with the kind of support you can’t get anywhere else. We hope that more families can benefit from such a resource because she and Justice were gamechangers in our journey as new parents. We also had the pleasure of working with Justice who provided us with some much appreciated overnight support. We can’t thank her enough for those precious hours of sleep – we got much needed rest because we knew our little one was in great hands. It was a pleasure having her in our home and her calming presence was exactly what we were hoping for in terms of support. We were better parents in the morning because of her loving care of our little one. These mamas and doulas are incredible – if anyone is looking for doula, you’ve found the right providers. We are so grateful!

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M’Lisa supported our family as both a postpartum doula and night nanny - she was spectacular in both roles. M’Lisa is incredibly knowledgeable about infant care and lactation support; she taught us an immense amount in a short time so we could confidently care for our daughter. As first time parents, we found her support and kind and nurturing nature invaluable as we transitioned to our new role as parents. We were so lucky to have her support us in those initial daunting weeks post delivery!



We met with Sessy in the middle of last year when we were trying to determine whether or not we wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our first child. Sessy was incredibly thoughtful and helpful in talking us through the benefits of a doula and our options for working with Queen City BirthWork. After talking a bit more through what we wanted in a doula, she made some recommendations about which individual she thought would be a good fit for us and helped to set-up follow-up conversations. We opted to hire Jessi as our doula, and we could not have made a better choice. In two pre-birth sessions, Jessi was incredibly prepared, helping to share from her vast amounts of resources and knowledge to help get us ready for the birth process. She was incredibly organized and communicative, and was very thoughtful in providing insight and feedback on our birth plan. While we were happy with the pre-birth services, the level of "pleased" jumped exponentially when it came to the day of our daughter's birth. We chatted with Jessi when we thought my wife was going into labor and touched base a few times while she was laboring from home. When we called her in the middle of the night after checking into the hospital, she was quick to answer and, it seemed, even quicker to actually get to the hospital. Once there, Jessi was absolutely incredible -- it would be an understatement to say that I can't imagine going through the birth process without Jessi. She was cool, calm, and collected throughout the entire 14+ hours. She provided immense comfort, invaluable guidance, and a level of support we could not have imagined needing as things in the delivery room took turns we couldn't have anticipated or expected. I cannot overstate the extent to which Jessi helped us to keep it together: she was there for us every single step of the way, including in the operating room and after. Jessi's support in the post-partum visits was also incredibly helpful as we began our journey as new parents. We are lucky to have a happy, healthy daughter and are so thankful that Jessi was a part of this journey. We cannot recommend Queen City BirthWork more highly and will absolutely use them again if we decide to have more children.



We feel so fortunate to have found Queen City BirthWork and our doula Sessy. She helped answer all of our questions before hand and clarified information we got from our midwife so we felt empowered about the options we had. Sessy was amazing the day of the birth and helped us stay home longer so I could be more comfortable. We could not imagine navigating this process without her support. Plus she took some amazing photos of our birth that we will treasure. If you are looking for a doula, we would highly recommend this collaborative and especially Sessy. She has both a calming and relaxing presence so I felt relaxed and comfortable during the birthing process. At the same time Sessy brought excitement and joy to all of our encounters so I let go of my dear and leaned into that amazing energy. Truly loved having her be a part of our birth! THANK YOU SESSY!



My husband and I were fortunate enough to have Justice as our doula for the birth of our son. My goal was to have an unmedicated delivery and Justice helped make that possible! Our son’s birth was a beautiful and powerful experience and Justice was there (of course overnight) while pregnant herself! She made me feel like the #1 priority, she was incredibly encouraging, kind, and supportive the entire time. My husband and I are still talking about how essential she was to our positive experience and we delivered back in July. I would highly recommend Justice as a birth doula!!



I had the privilege of having Sessy and Jessi as my doulas during my delivery. I had to transfer from a birth center to a hospital due to a prolonged delivery, and these gals just made the process smoother. They advocated for me and did all they could to make my husband and I comfortable. I’m not sure we could have done it without this rockstar team. The way these gals care for baby and momma is evident. We are so grateful to have shared our birthing experience with such wonderful people.



I worked with Sessy from Queen City Birthwork. She is excellent! Working with Queen City is great because they have a lot of resources, including sibling doula's. I did a zoom meeting with Yarin as a potential sibling doula. Yarin is also very warm, professional and friendly. I would have happily hired her except that my mom came out in time to watch our 18 month old. Sessy is very professional in her services, she's very personable, and she was awesome throughout the labor and birth. She also provided photos which I am super grateful for. I would recommend working with Queen City, they are a wealth of knowledge and resources.



Being pregnant during all this pandemic mess has been a whirlwind. But I’m so grateful that I had Sessy’s advice and guidance through it all. The hospital atmosphere is so intense with the thought of covid lingering, Sessy taught both my boyfriend and I how to navigate nurses and doctors when we were handling difficult situations. I listened to her advice to stay moving throughout my labor and I believe it truly helped me cut down on time. I’m so happy that she was in the room with us she made the moment so intimate for my boyfriend and I. Tears come to my eyes every time I think about the moment my daughter entered into this world. Even with everything circulating around I was still able to walk away with a positive birth story in a pandemic.I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for us these last couple of months.

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Yarin was our doula for the birth of our son, and we are so grateful to have had her calm, supportive, and open presence at our birth. Yarin met with us before birth (virtually, because of covid my family was being extra cautious) and was so warm, informative, and comforting that we immediately felt connected with her even though we didn’t meet in person. She asked us questions about our hopes and plans for birth that we hadn’t thought of, and made sure we were prepared and supported prenatally. When my wife went into labor Yarin met us at the birth center and arrived just minutes after we did. She was such incredible support - listening to what my wife needed, providing physical support (amazing hip squeezes, says my wife!), and holding space when we needed it while remaining a comforting presence. Yarin was with us for over 16 hours and we were so grateful we had her there every moment. We are very thankful to have had Yarin and Queen City Birthwork’s support for our birth.



Justice was our doula for our first time birth of our child and we were really happy with having her part of our care team. From initially meeting her, I felt that she had the right demeanor for us - calm, present but also someone that I could count on if I needed someone to advocate for me if the need arose. We had a smooth labor and delivery and Justice was able to help us make decisions about when it was time to go to the birth center in addition to providing at home support through the stages of labor. Leading up to the birth, she provided some great direction in terms of birth prep like hypnobirthing resources etc. She truly added in all the best ways to creating a relaxing supportive environment conducive to a calm empowering birth experience.



Good lord, Sessy was amazing to have as our doula. Honestly, I don’t know what we would have done without her. My wife had a fast but intense labor and Sessy was wonderful. She also very helpful leading up to the birth to get us prepared.



My family had the privilege of having Sessy’s support at the birth of both of our babies, three years ago and more recently. There truly are no words adequate enough to express the significance of Sessy’s presence and support during our birth experience. She provided a calm and confident presence before birth, making sure we felt supported and confident in pregnancy and as we planned for birth. Sessy was available and checked in continuously, encouraging me when my due date came and went. In labor Sessy was everything and more we could have asked for - she offered suggestions for movement and position changes when my labor stalled. She listened to what we needed and answered all of our questions with no judgment. I labored at the birth center for fifteen hours before our baby was born and there was not a single moment that Sessy wasn’t holding space for us and what we needed, both physically and emotionally. Toward the end of my labor, I was exhausted, and Sessy knew the exact things to say and do to pull me back to myself and my strength. Her support allowed my husband to remain present and calm, and the two of them carried me through both physically and emotionally to the birth of our baby. Somehow, on top of the immense support, Sessy provided, she also captured the most meaningful and beautiful photographs of our birth, recording moments that I remember vividly and also beautiful moments I didn’t even realize happened in the moment. Sessy is an empathic, professional, magic birth worker. I am incredibly grateful to have had her support birthing my babies.

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Sessy was absolutely incredible to work with! She was communicative, professional, collaborative and supportive of us every step of the way. During labor and delivery, I was blown away on how she could read my body queues and would offer suggestions before I even had to ask for them. From the very beginning, Sessy was supportive of our birth plan and would only insert her opinion when asked or prompted. Even during the era of COVID 19, we recommend having your doula come over to your home prior to labor and delivery and in the early stages of your labor. It created a trusting environment between everyone before you entered the hospital. Our doctor mentioned she was impressed by Sessy and they worked well together which I was very grateful for! Additionally, she worked so well with my husband and, together, they were able to provide a safe and calming environment for me to give birth in the exact way we envisioned. She brought electronic candles and a diffuser to make me feel like I was back at home. I highly recommend working with Queen City Birthwork!



Jessi was absolutely instrumental during the pregnancy and birth of our daughter. Throughout the pregnancy, she was very easy to reach and provided invaluable advice as we navigated a few tricky situations. During the labor and delivery, she was a calm and unwavering presence. It seems that Jessi was truly put on this earth to do this work. We could not be more grateful for her support.



Loved working with Justice Mentz last year when I delivered my son at UCHealth. She was incredibly kind, knowledgable and supportive. Both my husband and I felt very supported by her during the labor and delivery. Highly recommend working with her!



At 30 weeks pregnant I was so grateful to find Justice and work with her as my doula. Now at 36 weeks, with the excitement AND nerves really setting in, having Justice’s calming, supportive, experienced energy brings me so much peace and confidence. I am looking forward to the big day!! I can’t imagine heading into this adventure without a doula by my side.



I highly recommend Jessi as a birth doula. I never thought I would want or need a doula for a planned c section ... but when our baby was diagnosed with severe growth restriction and we were getting twice weekly ultrasounds and monitoring, we needed that support, reassurance, and experience. Jessi was a great listening ear via Zoom and in a socially distanced prenatal visit. She was there in our pre-op room with aromatherapy and deep breathing techniques to keep me calm. She wasn’t allowed in the OR with us but was there supporting me in recovery (Pitocin is no joke!) while my husband talked with the pediatricians and NICU team after birth. We were so stressed about our baby’s potential health needs at birth - and knowing that Jessi would be there no matter what was a great comfort to me and my husband. Thank you so much, Jessi!



"Choosing Sessy as our doula was the best decision we made anticipating our child’s birth! From our first interaction, we sensed her warmth and knew that her presence would be supportive no matter how things went. Sessy helped us process our preferences, provided resources, and helped us come up with a game plan. We felt prepared and confident, and because of her stellar communication, we knew we could depend on her when labor started. We were especially grateful for her flexibility to meet the unique needs of birth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sessy’s presence at our birth was such a gift! She helped me manage pain through labor at home and helped us recognize when to transition to the birth center. She enthusiastically supported my partner and me in all of our goals, allowing us to be fully present in our birth experience because we knew she was looking out for us.

Sessy came to our home after the birth to guide us through some of the challenges of life with a newborn. She was a great resource for breastfeeding, sleep, and general sanity as we adjusted to our new reality as parents. Even more important than providing practical support, Sessy helped us process our birth experience and provided healing emotional support to our family during an especially tender time.

There are not enough superlatives to describe Sessy’s professionalism and skill, but even more than that, she is truly a wonderful human. If you’re looking for a doula, look no further!"



Sessy was both our birth doula and birth photographer. My husband and I felt comfortable around her immediately, she is a wonderful person. Our goal was to get through labor without pain medication and with as little anxiety as possible. We also wanted to find ways my husband could better support me during birth, he felt like a bystander when our first child was born. Sessy met us at our house a few weeks before my due date and we talked through things that could help us through the labor. From the start we knew we would be delivering at the hospital, but hoped to labor at home for as long as possible. We ended up being induced due to recommendation by the doc. Sessy helped us navigate and feel comfortable with this decision. With Sessy’s and my husband’s support I was able to achieve a pain medication-free birth, despite being induced! The birth photos she took are incredible. We highly recommend Sessy as birth doula and a birth photographer!



"Amazing birth experience. Super worth it for a first time mom and if we have another baby would totally hire my doula Jessi again. My husband really appreciated the support and I appreciated them both for getting me through the long labor. Jessi did a great job preparing us a few weeks prior to the big day and was always available to answer questions whenever they came up throughout my pregnancy. Our baby was breach towards the end, and with Jessi’s advice and expertise we were able to position baby correctly for delivery, avoiding a c-section."

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Megan 2019

"Justice helped me through my second birth. It was great to have Justice by my side to coach me through my labor. She was supportive, knowledgeable, and made me much more comfortable. Justice answered all of my questions and I knew I was in good hands. She really has a passion for what she does and that passion really makes her a joy to have around. She was just as amazing after birth, helping me get through breastfeeding, and just the stress of being a first-time mom. It was helpful to have her support and an extra pair of hands to help with meals and helping me get into a routine with my 2-year-old and a new baby. Thank you, Justice!"


Angela 2019

"In typical second-time parents' fashion, we were a little late to find a doula. We had planned to use the same doula from our first birth, but she was no longer offering doula services. After reaching out to several different doulas we quickly decided Jessi was a perfect fit! We were so lucky to have her support during the last few months of pregnancy and at the birth of our son. She was fully supportive of our "no game plan" plan. I knew that I would probably get an epidural if my second birth was anything like my first (36 hours of back labor), but was optimistic it would be better. Little did I know that I would end up with weeks of prodromal labor. Jessi was so supportive and positive during all of the false labor episodes. And I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm not sure I could have survived birth without her. When my epidural stopped working after three hours I thought I was going to lose my mind. Jessi worked hard to keep me calm and as relaxed as possible during the last hour of labor and my unexpectedly unmedicated delivery. After delivery she talked to me about the importance of resting over the next couple of weeks (advice I had brushed off after my first delivery). I took her advice and basically didn't leave my bed for two weeks. I, along with my midwife, was so surprised at how quickly I healed and bounced back (both mentally and physically) from my second delivery. Our family feels so lucky to have had Jessi's support during this pregnancy, labor, and delivery. We can't recommend Jessi highly enough!"



"Can’t say enough good things about them. They listened to my (very specific) needs with no judgment and had above and beyond follow through. We didn’t have the benefit of having family close by to help us out regularly and my doula Jessi was our angel! I would recommend them to everyone and will be using them again for my future kids (for both birth and postpartum.)"

Chelsea 2019

"As I sit here in the hospital staring at my beautiful sleeping boy, I can’t help but reflect on how amazing it was to have Sessy guide us through our journey to get here. I’ve joked with her that we are probably her highest maintenance clients - we had 3 version appointments that Sessy attended and talked us through gladly then went into intense early labor at 41 weeks where she came to us in the middle of the night to work with and coach us. She then came with us to the hospital where we were admitted because my little guy had heart decelerations - we then labored in the hospital for almost 24 hours before ultimately needing a c section. Sessy was right there with us, encouraging us, showing us effective bodywork and movement to help get me through labor, and then talked us through and helped me cope with the need for a c section. When we first hired Sessy we were low risk at a birth center - by the time we delivered our boy we had gone through so many hospital appointments and choices they are too numerous to list. Mamas (and daddys’) need support through birth - I cannot recommend Sessy highly enough. Make sure to invest in yourselves and your joy, knowledge, and comfort through this beautiful process"



"Hiring Sessy as our Doula was the best decision I could have made for myself and for my husband. This was our second baby and we didn’t have a doula for our first. After a horrible first birth experience, I was looking to make my second better. From the moment we first met with Sessy I felt more empowered and at ease with the labor and delivery journey. She was instantly providing guidance and information about how to better navigate this experience. Her thoughtfulness and conscious effort to make sure that I was comfortable with every decision that happened from making the decision to induce labor early and even in a very intense moment during labor when she helped me to voice my concern about not breaking my water. Sessy helped me to labor through active and transition labor without any pain medications after an induction. I have never felt so empowered and strong in my life. When we had a few scary moments during delivery she helped me to stay calm and reassured. I feel like with her help I was able to replace some truly bad memories with my first labor and delivery with better, stronger, happier memories. I truly believe that having a labor and delivery that you feel good about is the foundation for establishing a good postpartum outcome. I feel calmer and more at ease starting my journey as a mom of now a 2-year-old and a newborn. Thank you Sessy for everything you did. You didn’t just make this a “better” experience. You made it the best labor and delivery experience I could have ever hoped or imagined. I will forever feel connected to you after sharing this important time in our lives. I look forward to always celebrating both my baby girls' birthday and yours every year!!"

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Marissa 2019

"Sessy was incredible! Meeting with her ahead of time prepared us for what to expect and when it came time to give birth I’m so thankful she was there. I had no idea how to write a birth plan or what questions to ask or what to expect in any capacity. She helped me through the toughest parts for hours and hours and hours and then afterwards when I had complications she stayed with my husband and our new baby while I was in surgery. I’m so thankful she was there for us during that crazy and intense and amazing experience!"



Justice, we are forever grateful for you and you will always hold a very special place in our hearts. She helped us deliver a healthy baby girl. Justice was an incredible support leading up to our daughter’s birth. She came over to meet us and she has a beautiful way of connecting with families. Immediately we trusted her and she continued to stay in close contact with us until the birth. During the birth, Justice was incredible. We delivered at a teaching hospital so at the time of the birth there we an overwhelming amount of doctors, nurses and residents. Justice was able to help us feel confident in the decisions that we made and supported my husband just as much as she supported me. We had a very long labor and I pushed for over two hours. Justice helped me dig deep and find my inner strength and after the birth, Justice came over to check up on us. She will always be part of our birth story and so grateful for her.



"From the first meeting to our birth planning, labor, and postpartum visit we have not regretted a thing! We talk frequently about how much we loved having her on our team and wouldn’t have wanted to do it without her by our side. Every decision we made during the process Jessi was there to answer any questions we had or give me the confidence and reassurance I needed to ask the doctor to explain things more clearly."

Kourtney 2018

"She provided a calming caring presence in addition to the knowledge that I needed to help me make decisions that were best for me and my family confidently. I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica to anyone who is searching for a caring professional to help them through the experience of pregnancy and birth. She is an advocate for her clients and a compassionate source of support that can help you through your pregnancy journey.”

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"Hiring Sessy with Mama Bee Doulas was the best decision my husband and I made in preparing for the birth of our first child. The prenatal messages really helped my aching body in the weeks leading up to labor. During labor, Sessy's experience was invaluable as she was there every step of the way even making sure that my husband had food and was well taken care of. During the delivery, Sessy kept me calm and focused. All in all, I can't imagine a better experience. Thank you, Sessy!!" 



"I would like to preface this by admitting we had our doubts about the necessity of hiring a doula for our first child. We can say now with no hesitation, it was absolutely necessary and choosing the right doula is critical. I am relieved we made the right choice with Sessy. There aren't enough good things I can say about her & the work she did. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, friendly, kind & experienced. She is easy to talk to and asks the right questions to understand your desired birth plan. The birth of our daughter in no way followed our birth plan, yet Sessy had the insight & timing to know when to let us navigate & when to step in with positive, gentle guidance. With all the classes we took & preparations we made we could not have been properly equipped for all the eventualities that occurred. Sessy, with her calming presence and quiet support, made what was completely overwhelming seem manageable even at the most consequential times. To top it off, she is a gifted photographer and masseuse. She somehow managed to capture the most beautiful moments in the absolute chaos of our birth. And the massages provided some bonding time as well as some much-needed relaxation and pain relief. In short, Sessy is not only an amazing doula, she is a spectacular human. Bringing her on board was the best money we ever spent."



"Sessy was amazing through the entire process, providing support, answers to all of our questions during the pregnancy, and being a guiding force for me and my husband.  When baby girl decided to be a bit too comfortable and just stick around for some extra time two weeks past my due date, Sessy would be checking in and ensuring that I was ok.  Prenatal visits were crucial, we felt very prepared for the labor, Sessy provided lots of support and guidance to stay flexible during the entire process and ensure that we were in the right mindset for the labor and delivery.  When the induction day came, Sessy was caught up in another delivery, and we had our backup doula Nicole, who showed up immediately and began working with me and my husband to get us through the labor. Nicole was fantastic, she was definitely invaluable during the process and I am extremely thankful that she was there. Nicole guided me through every contraction and provided amazing support to my husband as well ensuring he was eating and knew how to comfort me.  Their postpartum support has been outstanding and I feel extremely fortunate that I had such an amazing team during the process. I definitely recommend Sessy as a doula, and if we ever have a second child I will certainly go the same route and have Mama Bee Doulas there to help me out and be part of the experience."



"Sessy was our doula and photographer for my first son's birth and she was so helpful! The experience was so new to me and even with preparation, it was very overwhelming. Sessy offered lots of advice and support and was essential once we were at the hospital and things stalled (41 hours of labor in total). But her music, massage, essential oils, TENs unit, and verbal support helped immensely! And I love having photos to remember since it becomes a blur pretty quickly afterward!"



"We had a wonderful experience having Sessy present at our birth. Her support was invaluable. Prenatal massages were the perfect remedy for those final weeks of pregnancy!"

Shannon 2017

"In every way my husband and I could not be happier with Sessy as our doula. Sessy is sincerely compassionate and caring and passionate about her work. This care and passion was present at the initial meet and greet, at subsequent sessions getting to know each other and our birth preferences, throughout the labor and delivery and transfer to the hospital, and also in the pre and postnatal massage therapy sessions I had with Sessy. We felt a comfortable connection with Sessy that was due not just to her care and passion, but also to her perfect balance of an easy-going, lighthearted, non-judgmental attitude and being very present, professional, and skilled as a doula. I also highly recommend Sessy as a massage therapist. She was able to work with my body and get it to relax and open in ways I have not experienced with other therapists. Her prices are extremely fair too, especially given her level of skill. Sessy is a highly skilled photographer as well, and we could not be more pleased with the photos she captured of our birth experience. We cannot imagine our birth experience without Sessy and will absolutely have her as our doula again. Thank you Sessy!"  

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Lauren 2017

"Sessy was invaluable during my pregnancy and the birth of our first child. My husband and I did not have any family close by, so having Sessy's support and guidance gave us the confidence to make choices that were best for our family. She was always open-minded and never judgmental. Her energy was calm and supportive. We will always cherish the photos she took right before the delivery. Without her, we would not have captured those precious moments. We'd highly recommend Sessy!

Jenni Kay  2016

"Sessy is amazing! Her presence is loving, kind, and steady. She helped me through all the wild emotions and pain of childbirth and I'm so grateful that she is one of the first people that my precious baby got to meet! Sessy is one of the most sincere people I know - you will be blessed by her presence and support."   



"Our birth experience was absolutely amazing with Sessy of Mama Bee Doulas. We were in search of a doula that we both felt comfortable with and Sessy's fun-loving demeanor and expertise fit that to a tee. She has an amazing repertoire of natural pain coping techniques, prenatal massage, and worked with us to put together a birth plan and labor preparation that we all felt comfortable with. Throughout our meetings and the entire birth process, Sessy was there to guide us and explain the options we had. We elected to deliver at a hospital and have an unmedicated birth, she was supportive of every decision and helped us to weight all the options. As first-time parents, she was instrumental in giving my husband direction and instruction on how he could best help and support me during labor. He felt great about being involved but also loved having her there to step in when needed! My husband says hiring Sessy was the best decision of our whole pregnancy, and I couldn't agree more! I had the pleasure of getting a prenatal massage from Sessy and it was absolutely fabulous! It allowed us to bond and she also provided very useful tips on how to prepare my body for labor. She also captured breathtaking photos of our birth story that we will cherish forever. I can't say enough great things about Sessy and Mama Bee Doulas. We will certainly be calling her again if the time comes. Our birth experience was perfect and Sessy was a huge part of that. We thank her from the bottoms of our hearts!!"    



"We were so lucky to have Sessy's support throughout our pregnancy and at the birth of our son. She is a sincere, warm, and calming presence, and we really benefited from talking through our birth plans and concerns during the pregnancy - and she gives the BEST prenatal massages - the only ones I could tolerate, let alone enjoy! She is very knowledgeable and was clear about what she could advise us on but also encouraged us to reach out to other birth workers when appropriate, which really helped solidify our trust in her. And she was incredible during the birth - so supportive of my husband to help him be as involved as possible but also stepping in when I needed more support. She has so many tricks up her sleeves and is thoughtful about offering them at the right times. And the pictures she took left my husband teary for an hour after we first saw them! :)We can't recommend Sessy highly enough and would be honored to have her support at future births."  

Vincent 2016

"Sessy was a tremendous blessing for our family as my wife and I welcomed our first child in Aug 2016. She provided both emotional and physical support for us and was able to assist my wife in a way I could not (i.e... what to say at a particular moment or how to provide physical relief when there was extreme back pain) She complimented the work of the midwives at our birthing center and she had a good rapport with everyone present at the birth. Birth is something we spend so much time preparing for, but when it happens, it just happens and we have to go with it. I highly recommend her as she is an experienced and truly caring person. She has taught our family a lot throughout pregnancy and postpartum and we value her skills and experience."  

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