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Frequently asked questions

Do I work with one birthworker or all of you?

For birth services, you will select a primary doula to receive all of your prenatal care, attendance of birth, and post-birth care. We utilize an on-call system for back-up birth doula services. You can call our office main line 24/7 if you need to use our back-up doula services. ​For postpartum services, this depends on your preferred schedule and our availability. We generally assign 1-3 doulas for one family. ​The à la carte services will be offered by the birthworker's who are trained to teach the specific classes you choose. ​ Melodi Davis and Sessy Spira take care of all the administration elements. You can expect to interact with one of them throughout your experience. Read More>

What is the client Portal?

You will likely interact with more than one of the birthworkers on our team, so we use a client portal to keep all communications, documents, resources, and appointments, all in one place. You will receive a link and information on how to set up your portal at the point of hire. (it's super easy!) You can always access your client portal via the first page on our website.

How can a doula support my partner?

We love this question! Birthworkers and doulas are not just for the birthing person. Labor and birth are most definitely a team effort. We are, in a way, a tripod. Working together to create the kind of support that is needed to elevate your birth experience. If the labor is long, the partner will need a break. To eat, sleep, make arrangements, and use the restroom. We are there to ensure the birthing person is continuously cared for. We also strive to make birth a memorable and empowering process for the whole family. We encourage partners to take an active role in the birth process by educating them on comfort measures and also on options at the time of birth (for example, assisting in catching the baby, or announcing the sex of the baby) Read more>

How should I budget for birthworking services?

We do require a retainer fee at the signing of our contract. This ensures all parties are committed to the process of working together. The remaining balance is due by your 38th week of pregnancy. You can also make incrimental payments to your account at any point. We have had many clients add our services to their baby shower registries, allowing friends and family to contribute to birthwork costs. We offer a variety of packages and À la carte services.

Are doulas allowed at my birth place?

We are honored to be recognized by most hospitals here in Denver as crucial birth professionals and partners. Birth doulas are currently welcome in all freestanding birth centers and home birth settings in Denver. Some hospital-owned birth centers and hospitals require the birthworker to be certified. While we do hold certifications through various organizations we have also curating our very own certification program that would meet these standards. In the event, we are not allowed to be present at the time of your birth due to your birthing place's policies, we will support you remotely. We became quite efficient at this in March 2020. In the event that this becomes a necessity, there will be a reduction to the package fee. Read More>

When does my care begin when working with QCB?

From the moment we sign a contract together, your birthworker goes to work for you. That means we are on call for you until you birth your baby. Included in our services are unlimited text, zoom, email, and phone communication. Our in-person appointments generally take place between 36-38 weeks of your pregnancy. However, these are your appointments and you may schedule them when they are most beneficial to you. Read More>

When should I hire a birth doula?

Great question! It is never too early or late to hire a doula. We have clients hire us from the moment they find out they are pregnant. We also have clients hire us a week past their estimated due date. But, we highly recommend hiring a birthworker sooner rather than later to ensure availability and take full advantage of the resources we have for you. Selecting a doula earlier on in your pregnancy also allows time for building trust and familiarity between us. Read More>

How does QCB support the community?

This is the heart of everything we do. The truth is, not every family that desires to work with a doula has the financial means to use our services. As career birthworkers this is our job and it pays our bills. It would not be financially sustainable for us to gift our services. We do, however, firmly believe in giving back to the community as a whole. As a group we contribute our time and a portion of our income to provide mentorship opportunities and education to newer birthworkers. We also dontate a portion of our income to various organiztions in the Denver Metro community that align with our core values of inclusion. QCB has worked with some amazing families that also make financial contributions to aid in our efforts. With their genorocity we are able to acheive many of our goals. We extend these same contribution avenues to our community HERE