Queen City BirthWork is a Chicana-owned, women lead business. It was founded by Sessy Spira in 2012. Through the years it has grown from a one-woman show to the collective it is today. Our goal is to be a resource for expectant families, provide community, and bridge the gap between patients and providers. As a collective, our focus is on inclusivity and modern birthwork.

QCB is a blend of all the birthworkers in its arms.  As a collective, we pull from our own unique experiences to offer whole care to the folks we work with. We come from diverse backgrounds offering different perspectives as we participate in discussions surrounding race, sex, gender, and socioeconomic status. These topics not only affect us directly but also the communities we work with. We are wildly aware of the obstacles often faced while navigating pregnancy and birth.

We, as a group, have worked diligently over the years to build strong relationships with many healthcare providers here in Denver. These connections and experiences allow us to collaborate with nurses, midwives, and doctors with confidence.  

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Jessi Bouck

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator & Photography 

​Jessi strives to help clients and their partners feel supported and empowered in their choices, as well as to provide a sense of safety and normalcy to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Drawing from her years of supporting families while working at The Mama’hood and teaching prenatal and postpartum yoga, She uses the principles of simplicity, joy, mindfulness, and evidence-based care to support the amazing stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum life.


 Gardening  Houseplants • Cooking

Embroidery  Knitting • Dancing

Martial Arts • Outlander book series

Human Biology  Science in general 

• Archery • Breakfast Burritos 

Craft Cocktails • Netflix • Traveling


 • Playing instruments Singing

Wine and chocolate Sparkles and sequins Baby cheeks Fishing

Watching movies Painting 


Justice Mentz

Birth Doula & Photography

Justice found her purpose as a birth worker and is a staple in the births she attends. Her desire to encourage women and their partners to form good communication with their providers helps promote healthy and happy outcomes. She has a calm yet confident presence and is an asset to the families she works with. Justice assists her clients in navigating their pregnancy and birth by helping them to make informed decisions that are right for them

Sessy Spira 

Birth Doula & Photography

Sessy has worked with many different families and offers professional and sincere birth doula support, prenatal bodywork, and birth photography. Her ability to connect with families promotes a comfortable environment and open communication. Her supportive nature helps birthing people and their partners unite with their personal birth preferences. She blends years of experience as a birth doula and confident skills as a bodyworker to offer complete knowledgeable care to her clients. 

Sessy raises her 11-year-old and 2-year-old twins with her supportive partner in Central Denver. 


 • Hats • Sewing • Taking Photographs • Hiking • Fishing • Doughnuts • Gardening • Vanilla lattes • Bread (all of the bread) •

• Hand-made Mexican Jewelry •

• Squeezing hips • 


Animals • Hiking • Camping •

• Plants • Reading • School •

Working out • Cycling • Eating •

• Iced coffee only lol • Will also do anything adrenaline related •

M'Lisa Goodwin

 Certified Lactation Counselor & Postpartum Doula

M'Lisa  has been working with families since 2017, she offers fertility, postpartum, and lactation support. By offering breast/chest feeding techniques as well as bottle feeds, she helps ensure you and your baby are happy and comfortable with whichever feeding technique you choose. She has a passion for helping all her families with different types of feeds. M'Lisa is very calm and confident in her work which she brings into each family she meets. 

M'Lisa certified with BeboMia originally in 2017 and recently cross-trained with Childbirth International in early 2020. She also trained as a certified lactation counselor with the Healthy Children Project in 2018.

Melodi Davis 

Postpartum Doula

Melodi is passionate about supporting families and caring for newborns and brings a unique perspective to postpartum care with her nursing education and clinical experience. With two young children of her own, she also understands the need for encouragement, nurturing, and compassion during the first few months at home with a newborn. Melodi feels strongly that families should make choices that work best for them and will offer education and guidance in support of those choices.


 • Singing  Scuba diving  BABIES Changing leaves in fall • Guava 

• Punch needle and embroidery 

  Pineapple • Rain and cloudy days 

Beach vacations  Gyros  Purple

• Top Chef  Black jelly beans 

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