How can a doula support my partner?

As you navigate your pregnancy journey, you might wonder how your partner will react and who will support them while you are in labor. If you have hired a birth doula, we've got you covered!

There are many ways that your doula will step in to support your partner during your labor and childbirth experience.

Doulas serve as an extra set of hands. They can prepare the birthing space to ensure a calm, relaxing environment. They can help obtain items that you may have forgotten in your rush to make it to your birthing place and take over for your partner when they need a break from providing a massage or walking the halls.

A doula also offers peace of mind. Since your doula provides continuous support for you, your partner will have the time and space to take breaks and rest as needed. There is no need for them to worry if they need to step out to update family members, take a walk, grab some food, or get some shut-eye because they will be leaving you in excellent hands.

Your doula will also educate your partner on comfort measures and relaxation techniques as well as give them ideas about what they can do to best support you. Along the same lines, they can gently advise your partner about what might make you feel anxious or irritated. A doula can also help you and your partner talk through decisions that may need to be made and help manage expectations about what could happen throughout your labor.

Your doula will also be instrumental in building your partner's confidence so that they feel comfortable participating in comfort measures and providing support for you. Sometimes all they need is an encouraging word to step in and give you what you need!

Perhaps most importantly, a doula understands that your partner is going through a rite of passage alongside you. They will work to validate your partner's emotions as well as yours and guide you both through the labor and childbirth experience.

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