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Why did we rebrand in 2020?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Just the thought of rebranding my birthwork business would have made my head spin even 6 months ago. For anyone who has ever started a business and had any type of success, I'm sure you can relate.

The final decision did not come lightly. In fact, I have been wanting to rebrand for about 3 years. My thoughts on it were mixed. I was met with the desire to have a brand and business name that I would be proud of. Something that truly reflects me and the women I work with. But I was terrified of change.

I thought, too much work had gone into my previous brand to change things up. But if I have learned anything in my 33 years, it's this. When I'm terrified of something, I have to conquer it. Moving through all that discomfort and pushing myself to grow is worth it. It's honestly when I'm challenged, I thrive.

When I originally formed my doula business in 2012. I wanted to fit in with the Denver birth vibe. Everyone seemed to have a very soft esthetic for their brands. Whimsical logos with belly bumps, and one too many lotus flowers. I followed suit. Or tried to at least. I had a business partner at the time so our logo was blend of ideas.

In 2015 our partnership dissolved so she could pursue her goals of becoming an IBCLC and I took over Mama Bee Doulas. I couldn't wait to refresh the logo! After a few years in the industry, I felt I really knew myself as a birthworker. I knew I wasn't a hobby doula and that I could make a living doing this work.

I still love the logo and color palette I went with to this day. It was much stronger and carried me to now. But I have outgrown those cute little bees. And having the word "Mama" in my business name doesn't align with my push for inclusivity in the birth world.

2017-2018 I had an amazing doula join me in my practice. She had a well established business of her own, but was gearing up to start nursing school in the next year. We teamed up as each other's back-up doula system and ran everything through MBD since she would be finishing her doula career. It was one of my favorite years as a birthworker. We both worked our buns off attending birth after birth. Working with some of the most incredible families here in Colorado. It was the kind of relationship I wish could have gone on forever. But we both knew going in, that there was a stop date. Which happened to be the birth of my twins. Mine was her last birth as a doula and I am incredibly grateful she was by my side through that season of my life.

I love and respect this woman and hope she know's I'm one of her biggest fans. I'm looking forward to the day I walk into a birth to support a client and she is the attending Midwife.

In 2017, when I found out I was having twins it was surprising to say the least, but that's a story for another day. With this new information, and my back-up doula partner leaving, I knew I was in over my head and was going to need help to keep my business afloat. My 3 month planned maternity leave didn't seem so realistic at this point.

In 2018 three doulas hopped on board within a couple months of each other during my pregnancy. I valued their patience while I focused on my family. A few months after the twins arrived we really got to work. They did the majority of the birthwork while I worked more behind the scenes. Through this experience I learned to really love and appreciate the team approach to birthwork. It helps make the work we love sustainable.

Over the past three years, we have continued to grow. Adding more birthworkers to the team. Today there are six of us! I've never worked with such an incredible group of women. They continue to inspire me and encourage me to push beyond my comfort zone.

In the years since I first began my birthwork journey. I've grown, as one does. I've learned to truly embrace who I am and what I stand for. I've experienced that I don't have to conform to someone else's ideas of what a doula or birthworker is or does. I can march to my own beat.

I wanted a brand that I could feel proud of and represented what we do. The other birthworkers on my team agreed.

Queen City BirthWork was born.

Every word on this website has a purpose.

Every image tells a story.

Everything from the color palette to logo design was made with intention.

To make a statement.

Doulas work.

And we work hard. Birthwork is beautiful yes, but it requires grit.

We talk birthing persons off the edge when they feel like they can't continue.

We physically hold them while they roar in new life.

We hold the bags they vomit into.

We comfort their partners and explain what is happening if complications arise.

We rejoice in their victories and hold space when things don't go as planned.

We open our hearts and it requires a vulnerability to be seen.

We find the words to be spoken, even when there are none.

I could go on but I think you get the point I'm trying to make.

Much has lead me to the point of realization that my business needs to reflect who I am.

I am a birthworker and a doula. I also take pretty decent photographs of the incredible stories I am very much a part of.

I provide a safe space for birthing people that is inclusive. It's who I am and I've been doing this my entire career, quietly.

I'm shedding any remaining fear.

I'm going to continue what I've always done, just louder, prouder, and a bit more authentic.

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