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Twin Pregnancy - 5 important things to consider.

1. Tune in to your pregnancy! There's much going on in the mind and body of a person carrying twins. Much like any other pregnancy, you're going to receive unsolicited advice from just about everyone from your mailman to your dental hygienist. That's why it is so important to tune into your body, your babies, and your pregnancy. If you let that be your guide, the other stuff can fade to the background. What works for one person beautifully may not be the right choice for another. I had a doctor that I interviewed, (yes, I interviewed providers) tell me that I HAD to walk 3 miles everyday if I wanted to carry my twins to term. Yeah that wasn't going to happen. Instead I followed my body's lead. Which ended up being a 2 mile walk once a week. I indeed carried them to term.

2. Find another twin parent to connect with. It can be a game changer to find that unicorn of a twin parent that also has time to chat. But look for it! Having a person that knows what you are experiencing to speak with puts a bit of normalcy to carrying twins. Plus they might even have some hand-me downs to pass on.

3. Know your options. Not every twin birth has to be a caesarean birth! Equally, not every twin birth can be vaginal. Much has to do with the positions of the babies and your overall health as a birthing person. You most definitely should seek a provider that will support you with evidence-based information and help you make a plan that is appropriate for your situation. Ideally, your provider should have vaginal twin birth and cesarean twin birth experience.

4. Aquire a belly brace. New or used. Most twin bellies get rather large and the stress that it puts on your body can be out of this world uncomfortable. I know they are not the most fashionable items. I compare it to the moment I traded in thong style underwear for full coverage. Put your vanity aside for a moment and just try one.

5. Visit a Chiropractor and/or massage therapist. These services are not for everyone but when they improve the way you feel, oh man they are worth it. Locating a chiropractor and massage therapist that are specifically trained to work with prenatal clients can be the winning ticket to remaining somewhat comfortable throughout a twin pregnancy. I know, I know it can be pricy to receive these services. Many practitioners accept insurance, check with your insurance company. Some policies will cover these services at 100%. I promise it's worth looking into. If you have medicare, no insurance, or your policy doesn't cover massage therapy, you could check with a massage therapy school. As a prenatal client you will only receive a session with a prenatally trained therapist. They take the necessary precautions when working with this population. Students have to be close the finishing their programs to work in the clinics. They are some of the best massages I have ever received.

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